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Cummins Inc. Technical Specialist - Electronics Engineering - Tools Application电子工具应用技术专家 in Wuhan, China

Technical Specialist - Electronics Engineering - Tools Application电子工具应用技术专家


  • Responsible for Cummins engineering electronics customer support relate work.负责康明斯工程电子工具的客户支持相关工作;

  • Closely work with US and India tools AE and development team to coordinate the tools release testing work. Complete the related release and report on time with high quality.负责跟美国和印度的工具应用和开发团队协调安排工具的发放测试任务。确保各类发放测试和报告工作按时高质量的完成。

  • Design and optimize the test cases and test process, review with global AE and development team, reduce the issue exposure at customer end, enhance customer satisfaction.设计优化测试用例/测试流程,并与开发和应用团队评审。减少工具的失效在客户端的暴露度,提高用户对工具的满意度。

  • Rapid response on users report issue, implement the short term solution immediately to minimum the impact, work with development team to troubleshoot the root cause and implement the long term solution.面对客户汇报的问题,快速响应并实施短期解决方案,尽可能减少对日常工作的影响,并同时和开发团队一起负责对问题深入调查并实施长期解决方案。

  • Responsible for regular Calterm/CUTY/ ETD/CDM/CTAS/LCT/C2ST/CSH tools user training, proactively collect customer voice, update the users mannual and training material accordingly.负责定期的Calterm/CUTY/ETD/CDM/CTAS/LCT/C2ST/CSH等工具的用户培训,收集用户反馈问题,及时更新用户手册/培训材料。

  • Responsible for regular customer survey and work with development team to track the change request, enhance customer satisfaction.负责定期的用户满意度调查,和开发团队一起跟踪落实改进意见,提高用户对工具的满意度。

  • Create and optimize the tools AE related process, continuously improve the work efficiency.创建缺失的和优化现有的工具应用支持相关的流程,不断提高工作效率

  • Troubleshoot complex and difficult issues, give related recommended action and investigation suggestion.排除疑难复杂的问题,并提出相应的解决方案/调查方向建议。

  • Demonstrates good understanding and applies knowledge of the testing system related discipline to projects.在项目实践中不断展现自已所掌握的测试系统方面的理论知识和经验。

  • Applies testing system skills and knowledge and continues to develop experience in creating technical solutions.不断地应用测试系统知识和技能到项目实践中,并且不断地从解决实际技术问题中积累经验。


  • Bachelor or above degree, majoring in Engineering本科及以上学历,工程类专业。

  • 5 years working experience in electronics software testing.

  • C/C /Labview/VBA, VBS development experience. C/C /Labview/VBA/VBS开发经验;

  • INCA/Mototrun/Calterm usage experience, ECM/ECU calibration integration and management experience;INCA/Mototrun/Calterm等软件的使用经验,ECM/ECU标定集成和管理经验;

  • Ability to skillfully use CANalyzer/CANoe/PCAN-explore tools to trouble shoot complex datalink communication related problems.能够熟练地使用CANalyzer/CANoe/PCAN-explore等工具对复杂的数据通讯相关的问题进行故障排查。

  • Ability to use English as the major working language, proficient in working closely with US and India teams.能以英语作为主要工作语言,熟练的跟美国和印度团队紧密合作。

  • Solid communication, problem solving and project management skills.良好的沟通能力,解决问题能力和项目管理技能

  • Self-motivated and performance driven business sense.自我激励,以绩效为导向的工作原则。


Primary Location China-Hubei-Wuhan-China, Wuhan, Cummins Fuel Systems

Job Type Experienced - Exempt / Office

Recruitment Job Type Exempt - Experienced

Job Posting Nov 17, 2020, 12:21:27 AM

Unposting Date Ongoing

Req ID: 2000038B